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"JoJo's nursery has been fantastic for our children. Our son started JoJo's a year and half ago and loves every minute. He can be a shy boy and when he started at JoJo's his speech was slowly coming. Since then he has become a very confident chatty wee boy. We love all the staff, they are so warm, friendly and welcoming. We feel like part of their family.

Staff think up brilliant activities that are so engaging for the children. As well as being fun they are educational. I can see my son learning so much. My son who can be a picky eater at home always eats the snacks and meals, which are always freshly prepared.

Our little girl started last October when she was 11 months and she loves it! Settled very quickly, staff encourage her so much and always greets staff with huge smiles. Her developing has been bounding along and has been fantastic to watch.

The love and warmth between the staff and children is so mutual, you can see the great relationships between them. It is not only specific staff that know each child, the whole staff team know my children and who I am when I collect them.

Dorota and JoJo are great, always consulting families, new ideas and ways for everyone to be involved.

My son will start school in August but we will be sure he will still be involved in the holidays with the out of school care. We would be so sad for him to leave. It’s JoJo time as he shouts!

So glad my children go to JoJo's, I wouldn’t trust anyone else. We have had experience with other nurseries and the difference is unbelievable. We love JoJo's."
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"My son moved to JoJo's last year and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions we've ever made. The nurturing ethos of the setting ensures I can relax when he is there, knowing that he is happy, safe and cared for to the highest standard.
My son instantly formed strong attachments with the staff (especially those in his room, Jay and Stacy, who are outstanding-thank you so much guys) and he is always welcomed into the room with the warmest of welcomes, running to them for a big hug and to tell them whichever news he has been desperate to tell them since he was last there (which is always met with an interested ear, where the skilled staff encourage him to extend his thoughts through effective questioning).

We look forward to receiving the daily WhatsApp which gives us a snapshot of his day-such a wonderful way to prompt his memory during our chats. It is great for us to see how engaged he is in his play and clearly learning so much as he does this. Often the photo involves him concentrating with his tongue sticking out- opportunities for such deep and meaningful play exemplifies how well the staff know him.

The management team (Dorota and Jo) are excellent and I feel so comfortable to chat with them and feel that my opinion is genuinely valued. I also feel that I can spend time in the playroom getting to know the staff and the environment he loves so much, always observing my son and all other children to be settled and happy which affirms my excellent opinion of the setting.

My son started the nursery with a hearing impairment and the support that we were offered as a family during the settling in process was outstanding (and not something that we had found to be standard practice with his previous nursery). The staff seemed genuinely interested in how they would ensure they got everything right for our son including the use of Makaton to support communication and to ensure he felt safe and happy at the nursery.

JoJo's Nursery is an excellent setting and I would thoroughly recommend it in Dundee."
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"My son has been at JoJo's Nursery since it opened. We viewed lots of nurseries and actually went without childcare until we found the perfect nursery. The aim really is on making a great environment and experience for the children.

They always ask for advice and reviews then act upon them. I asked for more garden/outdoor time for my son. His very next visit he was gardening!

Every time he's at Nursery they always send me photos which relieves my anxiety at being away from my son.

I would recommend JoJo's Nursery to everyone! "
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"I would highly recommend JoJo's. I have 2 children at the nursery and both are thriving. It's clear that for Jo (Director) and Dorota (Manager) it is more than just a job to them and they genuinely care about providing a high quality nurturing environment for my kids."
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"Two of my daughters went to JoJo's holiday club recently. They LOVED it and were upset when it was over. The activities were lots of fun, and the staff were brilliant! Would use this club again. Thank you JoJo's for putting children's interests above everything else!"

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"All the staff at JoJo's take such fantastic care of our son who started Nursery when he was 8 months old. He has been there for 3 months and has settled in brilliantly. He is very happy and loves going. Staff are always supportive. Having regular updates via what's app and via the online portal allows me to relax when at work, knowing he is happy and in safe hands. Thank you!"

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