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Baby Room

Our Baby room is registered for up to 6 children. Our adult/child ratio in this room is 1:3. In our 0-1 baby room we provide a wide range of stimulating resources and activities to promote all round development.

This room is a comforting space, with a separate sleep room in which we have 5 cots, offering our youngest children a quiet and calm environment to sleep and relax.  Our staff are highly experienced and work very closely with parents to ensure your home routine is mirrored in the Nursery.

Children move into our 1-2 rooms when they are developmentally ready and once your baby is walking confidently. You are fully included in this decision process, as you know your child the best.

In our baby room we follow the Nursery philosophy and Pre-Birth to Three guidance. Your child is unique and will be treated as an individual to make sure all their needs are being met.


We are breastfeeding friendly nursery therefore you are welcome to visit us during the day to breast feed your baby at any time. Milk storage facilities are also available. We welcome natural nappies and work closely with parents who provide these.