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3 to 5 room

After the 2-3 room your child will progress into the 3-5 room. In our 3-5 room we care for up to 24 children and the ratio is 1 adult per 8 children.

Our 3-5 room is very bright and spacious which offers children opportunities to learn and develop through free play and planned activities. Children have easy access to the garden throughout the day and can flow between indoors and outdoors. Our 3-5 room is set up to promote children's independence, problem solving skills and decision making. It aims to enable each child to develop into a confident individual, a responsible citizen, a successful learner and an effective contributor.

We follow the Curriculum for Excellence offering a wide range of child led experiences. We also follow the Regio philosophy – we believe that the space should encourage our children to play independently so they can easily see and reach everything. A space which also allow them to tidy up afterwards by themselves.

Once children move to school, they can attend our Out of School Club right up until the age of 16.  Please go back to the main menu and select 'Out of School Club' to see details.